Design is what helps us to re-evaluate ourselves and alter the way we, as end-users, get things done. The products, services and systems, we use day to day change the way people interact both on a social level, and on a technological level. I believe that now more than ever, there is a need for designers to evaluate the way these technologies are changing our lives, leveraging its beneficial aspects and limiting the potential of harm in the process.

My take on design is that is two fold, with the aim of providing lasting value to users. Firstly, products, services and systems must be enjoyable to use by succeeding in being intuitive and aesthetic in their interaction. Technology should allow for processes to fade into the background to limit interruptions of people’s lives when direct interaction is unnecessary or unintuitive. This is what makes us want to use products.
Secondly, I believe that with the effective placement of design thinking principles, we can identify the underlying issues of technology, and using our knowledge in creating enjoyable experiences to embolden the positives in society, rather than provide fuel for the negatives.



As an industrial designer, I see myself as a multi-faceted individual with a strong ability to adapt. I have been described as a social, ambitious and flexible person, but above all, I love a challenge. Working in a team is where I find my strengths, by motivating and engaging others I am able find where the opportunities lie for me to make a difference.

The foundation of my approach is looking for the value of design in any problem, at any scale. Fundamentally, I believe that design brings real solutions that are grounded in reality. Essential to finding value is getting a wide perspective, and I see myself as a catalyst that brings together multiple disciplines to create new solutions. Validation of assumptions in human behavior and social trends allow for viability, both in designing for the user experience and as a business case. Focusing on these aspects is what allows a prototype to grow beyond its conceptual representation, permitting it to exercise its real value in our day to day lives.